One Piece Episode 758 English Subbed

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The minks were confused by the mammoth’s demand for Raizo, and declared that they had never heard of him. The mammoth, now revealed to by one of Kaido’s right hand men Jack, attacked the city anyway along with his underlings, despite meeting strong resistance from the minkmen.

Luffy and his group now understand why it is advisable to never mention “Raizo” or “Wano” among the natives, lest they are asking for trouble. After being introduced to the Musketeer Sicilian, they see Chopper and his assistants Miyagi and Tristan tending to Duke Inuarashi. The duke expressed his gratitude to the Straw Hats for helping them recover from their defeat. Wanda insisted that they would have won against the invaders if it weren’t for the weapon that Jack deployed against them, which Chopper clarified to be one of Caesar’s poison gas weapons.

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