One Piece Episode 759 English Subbed

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The Straw Hats meet the musketeer squad of Duke Dogstorm and their overzealous captain Sicilian, who goes with them inside the fortress of Duke Dogstorm. The Duke thanks the Straw Hats for saving their country and tells Luffy that he knows Shanks. Surprisingly, Duke Dogstorm falls asleep before he can continue his story. Sicilian explains that the people in the city falls asleep together with the Duke of the day at exactly 6pm. The Duke of the Night then awakens together with the nocturnals of the Whale forest during this time and goes to have their night life from 6pm to 6am the next day. Wanda adds that the two Dukes used to be best friends and now they are sworn enemies who should never be allowed to meet or face each other.

During the flashback, it was shown how the Minks tried their best to stop Jack and his men. The musketeers had a bit of a chance against the minions. However, when it came to Jack, just a flick of his trunk reduces the town to rubble. The episode ends with Duke Dogstorm appearing before Jack. It is said that the Duke will attempt to reason with him once more.

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