One Piece Episode 760 English Subbed

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One Piece episode 760 is almost here and fans are excited for the continuation of Dog Storm, Master Cat and Jack’s battle. Titled “Destruction of the Capital – Twirly Hat Crew Arrives on Land,” the upcoming episode is expected to reveal the defeat of Jack’s crew since many are already working together to fight them.

It the previous episode of “One Piece,” Dog Storm and the Minks would have died in the hands of Jack if not for Zunisha who created a distraction in the form of flood. Afterwards, they decided to give their all to defeat Jack’s crew but their efforts were short.

Luckily, Master Cat Viper and his men came and gave the villain a hard time during battle but the enemy was able to avoid great damage by transforming into a giant with many blades. The situation got worse for the Minks until the Heart Pirates came to their rescue. They joined the battle and also fought against Jack and his men..

The battle will continue for another five days in “One Piece” episode 760. Many men will surely die at the end of the battle. In order to increase their chance of winning, Dog Storm and Master Cat will work together and devise a strategy that will give them advantage. They will take turns in attacking Jack and his army so they would be able to regain their strength.

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