One Piece Episode 761 English Subbed

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Ten days ago, Sanji’s group forces Caesar Clown to neutralize his poisonous gas, defeating Jack’s subordinates and driving them off Zou. They tend to the wounded minks, saving their lives and earning their gratitude.

Back to the present, the Straw Hats, Wanda, and Carrot head to Nekomamushi, while the group discusses what has happened to Sanji and Caesar. Sanji has departed from Zou, leaving only a note behind. However, he may not be able to return, since Zou is a phantom island that is constantly moving. Brook then reveals the reason why Sanji left. Just two days ago, a more serious event took place after Jack attacked: the Big Mom Pirates caught wind of their crew’s trail and followed them to Zou, of which Pekoms is a native.

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