One Piece Episode 763 English Subbed

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One Piece Episode 763

Brook tells everyone that while running away from Big Mom’s pirate ship, they made a mistake of disclosing their destination. Soon enough, Pekoms and Gang Bege follows them to Zou.

Pekoms was distraught seeing the condition of his homeland. At first he thought the Straw Hats were the culprit. However, he learns soon enough that it was Jack and the Beast Pirates. Pekoms was in tears seeing his fellow minks injured but at the same time, he was happy that they were all alright.

Sanji sees the arrival of Pekoms and Gang (Capone) Bege and was contemplating if he should turn over Caesar to them. Caesar begs Sanji to let him stay with them, revealing that he fooled Big Mom and took her money. Sanji meets with Pekoms and Bege outside the forest.

To show his gratitude, Pekoms was willing to let the Straw Hats go and inform Big Mom that the mission failed. However, Bege strongly disagrees to what Pekoms is doing, letting his emotions overrule their mission. The episode ends with Bege, firing shots at Pekoms from behind. Is Pekoms dead?

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